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"My vision is to empower women to just enjoy moving their bodies regularly.


To let go of any preconceived ideas that to get results we have to always be pushing harder, and longer and more intensely to get results.


Our bodies just don't love us back when we do that. Less really is more. 


Focus on making your body happier and balanced, and you'll achieve your ideal shape more effortlessly and with so much more joy."



"So much inspires me. Holistic living, passionate & motivated people, traveling, chai tea with almond milk, music, thoughts of my future and Barre Society of course."


"It's so rewarding making a difference in the lives of others whether it be in a professional or teaching capacity, and being a part of someone’s journey in realising that no matter what you can challenge yourself to improve and be a better version of yourself."


"I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with exercise. I crave the feeling of being fit and healthy but I’ve never really found a form of exercise that’s managed to hold my attention for very long."

"Barre was a refreshing, energetic yet gentle way to get back into exercise following knee surgery and it helped me to fall in love with movement again."



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