Getting started

First time with us?

Don't worry, it was our first time once, too. Most women who start with us have never done any pilates or barre before, so rest assured you're in good company. We promise to take wonderfully good care of you, helping you to feel safe and confident as you build strength and balance. 


Not sure which classes to start with? Check out our The Classes Page - it'll help you suss out what to expect and which classes are best suited to you and your goals (remember to book in advance as spots are limited). Also look out for our Intro to Reformer class each month as a wonderful place to start.

Absolute Beginner?

Amazing! We're so excited you're here. Our movement coaches are really experienced in movement, and in life. They've been trained by the best, have supported hundreds of women of all ages and abilities, and continue to be dedicated to growing and upskilling. 

If it's your first barre or pilates class, you'll probably feel muscles working that you didn't even know were there! You may feel lots of little shakes (hello thighs!), and a bit of a burny feeling pretty quickly. This is because we're working your body in a completely different way and using new angles to create amazing change and transformation. You'll prbably feel a little sore the next day. But good sore, right?

Our focus in class is keeping you feeling safe, supported and confident. Most women who start with us have some form of injury, limitation or inbalance. We encourage you to modify your movement to suit your needs.


Please let us know before class if you have any pre-existing injuries, are pregnant, or new to excercise so we can guide you in the best way. Our mission is to empower you through movement.

12 classes for just $99? yes please.

Sign up for our 30-day new client pass for just $99 and get 12 classes of you choice.


Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before class so you can get settled in and feel at home. We’ll give you a little tour of the studio, help you get your props set up and chat to you about any personal injuries/limitations and appropriate modifications. 


Just your lovely self! We provide all mats and equipment. You might like to bring a water bottle and a small towel, as you might build a little internal heat. 


We recommend comfortable yoga or gym clothing that you can move freely in. Most women wear leggings and a comfy top, but you do you. You don’t need shoes as all classes are done in grippy socks, so please bring them with you if you have some, otherwise you can purchase in studio for $20. 

Which class?



Our method is all about 'less is more'. Because our techniques are so targeted and effective, we recommend starting with 2 classes a week, and working up from there if you feel the need. We always say 3 classes a week is the sweet spot.


To get confident with out method we suggest starting with ALIGN 1, POWER PILATES and DEFINE. Look out for our monthly Intro to Reformer class too - it's a goodie!



If you'd consider yourself advanced, you'll love all the challenging variations we layer in to keep your body progressing. Every class and every day is different - new props, new angles, new 'what do you call that?!' moves so that you never plateau and continue to transform from the inside out.

Our ALIGN 2, ELEVATE and DEFINE classes will keep you on your toes.


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4. Already have a Glofox account with us? Login using your email and password or click 'Forgot Password' and follow the instructions

5. Book your classes and have fun!

ready to try for yourself?

Truly amazing things await when you step out of your comfort zone. Don't worry, we'll be there holding your hand, every step of the way. You've got this!