Go you! You're in the clear....for now. 


Looks like you're doing an amazing job keeping your hormones healthy and balanced!


When your hormones are in balance, neither too high nor too low, you look and feel your best.


You may be facing some challenging times ahead though. Women’s hormone levels change throughout their reproductive years and through perimenopause, menopause, and beyond.

Common life events, such as menstruation and pregnancy, can throw your hormones off balance, as can medications like birth control pills.


IT'S NEVER TOO LATE. It's never too late to look after yourself. Never too late to eat healthily, get plenty of rest, exercise mindfully and look after your hormones. You'd be amazed at how quickly your hormones and body can thrive given the right environment.


The truth is, you truly can maximise hormonal and fat burning benefits to feel amazing! Here are some quick tips to help you get there:


1. Keep it short and sweet. All exercising should be kept to a maximum of around 40 minutes and only once a day.


2. Give every workout your all. Intensity is key! You want to reach the point of maximum effort - think burning muscles and shaking legs, where you just can squeeze out one more movement. When you take your body to this point, you're maximising fat-burning and hormonal benefits.


3. Reducing long duration cardio. Overexercising causes inflammation and the stress hormone cortisol to stay elevated. When cortisol is running through your body, it'll never let go of excess weight.


4. Eat more plants. A plant-based diet significantly reduces inflammation in your body and is very rich in natural phytoestrogens in healthy amounts, especially from soy, which acts like a type of natural hormone replacement therapy.


5. Go for the good fats. Go for hunger-busting and hormone-nourishing healthy fats like olive oil (extra virgin, cold pressed), avocado, nuts and seeds (i.e. sunflower and pumpkin seeds). Just 1-2 tbsp a day is all you need.

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Hi👋! I’m Nerida, the face and energy behind Barre Society.


I suffered from weight and hormonal fluctuations for years before I learned how to properly take care of my body — from the inside out.


Once I healed my hormones and started taking loving care of my body, everything changed. And there’s nothing I want more than the same for you.


So read on for some more helpful info, and drop me a line if there’s anyway I can help you.


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