Our team are experts at training women's bodies, delivering full body workouts using low-impact movements that reshape those hard to reach areas (muffin top, bingo wings, mum tums, hips, butt and thighs).



Would you love to try barre, but feeling a bit intimidated? 

Maybe out of your comfort zone? 

Maybe you haven't exercised in a while? 

Maybe you have injuries or prefer to work out alone? 

Perhaps you'd like to excel in your own barre workout? 

Maybe you want to be challenged even further and push yourself even more with an instructor and master your own technique? 


Our 1:1's are a perfect way to start if you are new to barre, but also great if you want to compliment your weekly barre classes or want to advance quicker! We customize the workouts just for you, and work specifically on your goals.

You're welcome to have the instructor all 



Barre+1 (6 week course)

You love being a mum but you are exhausted, overwhelmed and NEED to get out of the house. No babysitter? No problem. Workout with your newborn.


Barre+1 is a new challenging and safe mum & me class that will get your body back on track while you spend some quality time outside the house with your little one. What could be better than that?!

In this class we do our signature barre conditioning movements, whilst wearing your carrier with your baby.


It's set at a comfortable and safe pace, and focuses on strengthening areas that have worked hard through your pregnancy such as your core and glutes.


Developed in collaboration with a local physiotherapist so you can rest assured that it's effective AND safe for you and your little love:

  • Mums must be given the OK by your Obstetrician or GP to workout

  • Babies must be min 6 weeks old and max 10kgs

  • Bring your own supportive baby carrier, no slings please


For your safety (and bubs) grippy toe sox are essential (you can grab a pair in studio).


Next courses:


Dates: 30 July - 3 September 2019

Days: 10.30-11.30am Tuesdays (once a week for 6 weeks)

Cost: $140 paid upfront



Our new program to inspire and empower young girls to feel good about their bodies.


Classes focus on staying active, building confidence, improving coordination, increasing flexibility, fueling and nourishing your body, and creating mindful awareness to cope with study stress - all while having a whole heap of fun!


Help your daughter radiate health and confidence this year. Guided by qualified dietitians, barre and yoga instructors who are devoted to helping her become the person she's meant to be.




23 July - 17 September


26 July- 20 September


Cost: $135 for 9 week course paid upfront (Term 3, 2019).

👉FREE tote bag
👉FREE journal
👉FREE participation certificate
👉FREE nourishment cards
👉30% off on your 2nd class

*Please note these are not dance classes. No dance experience necessary 



So, you've got your exercise and barre routines covered, but you still feel you need support in other areas of your health?


Well, you're in luck my love! We've got your back with private nutrition consultations and personalised programs with our own dietitian and health coach Nerida. 


*Warning* Accelerated results, ridiculous goal smashing and feeling as bangin' as you look outside on your insides are extreme side effects of these services! 


Work with us to reach your nutritional and health goals even faster.