Ready to transform? To sculpt?

To lengthen? To find balance?

We want you to feel progress from your very first class. Our science-backed signature method combines isometric holds, muscle-burning micro-movements, and full-body intervals that deliver remarkable results from the inside out.


No cookie cutter approaches here (although we do love cookies). Our classes are never the same. We customise each and every class according to who walks through our door so our classes never end in plateaus. We believe in variety to keep your mind engaged and body progressing.



What is it?

Your muscular structure workout - you'll wake up all your teeny tiny muscle groups and pull everything in (say goodbye to bulk, hello feminine tone). You'll know you're creating some series tone when you feel that incredible burn and shake through your muscles, hold hold hold, and elation when you leave class knowing you're stronger that you thought and empowered to 'bring it on!'

What does it do?

This is where you get to be the architect of your own body. You get to mold and shape it into something you love. Feminine curves? That's a given. But what about sculpting your shoulders and arms, creating sexy definition that makes you proud to wear tank tops - show some skin honey! Want to lift your butt up off the back of your thighs (yep, they should be separate :-))? You're going to master all our secret angles to transform your body without ever having to do a single heavy barbell squat again. 


Dynamic Barre, Barre Flow, Barre Basics, Ballet Barre, Barre Circuit

How will you feel?

You’ll love (seeing) the strong sexy muscle tone in your body — and we mean every part of your body. 


What is it?

A total-body multi-intensity reformer workout like no other! Using our signature blend of continuous pilates and barre moves (it's our secret sauce) to ensure you're constantly challenged and feeling the burn.

What does it do?

How heavy is your handbag? Let's be honest. Carrying all your essentials as well as your kids toys, socks, snacks, wipes, band aids (how long should we go on) is probably doing some pretty narly things to your shoulders, neck and your spine that now leans permanently to the right. Hunched over a laptop all day?  Hands up if you feel like a female pretzel most of the time....
Want to reveal your true gorgeousness and rapidly change the way your body looks in just 45mins? Correct your alignment and posture! The secret to looking slimmer, standing taller and feeling so much for confident and sexy in your body is to identify your weakness and imbalances, and correct them with targeted exercises.
If a strong sculpted core is #1 on your wish list then you and Align are a match made in heaven. 

How will you feel?

Aligned, taller, lighter, stronger, more energetic and happier.

ALIGN 1 = Beginner level
ALIGN 2 = Intermediate level



What is it?

A faster-paced workout designed to elevate your heart rate and work every muscle in your body. You'll be moving in many different directions, so you'll see a rapid change in your balance, flexibility and mobility - all whilst stripping body fat in less time without having to endure sheer boredom on the treadmill or brave the elements running.

What does it do?

Let's get moving baby! Say goodbye to sore knees and inflammed joints, our movements are low impact so your body will love you back (BONUS: this workout won't supercharge your hunger, sending you through Macca's drive-through afterwards to refuel - no carb loading for a week just to make it through your session). Yeah you might get a little sweaty, but that means you're body's detoxifying and letting go of the body fat that prevents you from revealing your true potential. If you've taken one look at our ballet barre and turned the other way, rest assured, this is not a dance class, but a chance to create all those incredible natural endorphins that have you feeling like you could take on the world, one rocking play list at a time (air punches permitted). 

How will you feel?

Sweaty and shredded.


What is it?

A delicious series of slow, long holds and mat-based postures to stretch out and heal you body, leaving you feeling calmer and more centered.

What does it do?

Are you working out so hard, so often, that you literally can’t handle it? The most important thing you need to know is that while a workout is beneficial, you don’t actually benefit from it until your body recovers. Think of recovery like an investment, just like your workouts.  You work hard, you exercise hard — and you need to recover just as hard if you don’t want to fall apart. 
And you know when things start to unravel - you feel pain and inflammation in your joints, your cortisol levels sky rocket and deposit excess body fat on your tummy, you feel those anxiety levels start to rise (and maybe they stay there), you crave salt and chocolate, getting a good night's sleep seems a distant dream, you're grumpy and just not your fave version of yourself (even your kids notice).

How will you feel?

Beautifully rested and open, less stressed and anxious, cleaned from the inside out and restored. 



Not sure where to start? All our classes are designed for beginners through to advanced as we always give lots of personal modifications to suit where you're at. If you're new to our method we recommend Barre Basics and Reformer Barre as a lovely place to start so you feel confident and safe moving forward. 

Please take advantage of our new client Intro Passes, giving you wonderful access to all our classes so you can find which classes you love most. Have fun! Try a little bit of everything.

For a balanced program that has you feeling totally gorgeous we recommend 3-5 sessions per week, combining different classes to challenge both your body and mind.

Sample Schedules

Barre + 1

What is it?

A challenging, safe and low-impact mum & me class that will get your body back on track while you spend some quality time outside the house with your little one. Enjoy our signature barre conditioning movements, whilst wearing your carrier with bubs.

What does it do?

Set at a comfortable and safe pace, we focus on strengthening areas that have worked hard through your pregnancy such as your core and glutes. We'll help you get your body back, your strength, find your core, maintain your energy and those endorphins."

How will you feel?

You'll be all like "You're amazing, body! You grew a baby , you're making milk, and you're getting stronger and feeling like yourself again!"

Duration: Once a week for 8 weeks

Want to tone up?

1-2 x ALIGN


Want to improve cardio fitness?




Want to increase your flexibility?




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